About the Chi-Mat™

The origin of the Chi-Mat:

Dr. Green was first introduced to the acupressure mat concept in 2010 while working with one of his patients, NHL superstar athlete Henrik Zetterberg. Born in Sweden (where the product went on to win Christmas gift of the year), Henrik immediately started to experience the benefits of the mat when he began using it. After introducing the mat to Dr. Green, together they made improvements and created their own acupressure mat, "Dr. Green's Chi-Mat". In addition to the product changes, Dr. Green spent several months developing his unique Protocols which allow everyone, from active to sedentary, young to elderly, to experience the benefits of the Chi-Mat.

  • Improved sleep 
  • Increased circulation 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Relief of back pain 
  • Decreased muscle tension and stiffness 
  • Recovery and preparation for workouts 
  • Enhanced health and overall well-being